Author publications

Published stories by Matthew Fryer:


“Gene Puddle”  Bête Noire Magazine  – Volume 15

“Zero”  Plasma Frequency Magazine – Volume 11

“Scars”  Space And Time Magazine – Issue 120

“Thicker than Blood”  Criminal Class Review – Volume 6

“Welcome to New London, Population: 1”  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine – Issue 53

“The Wager”  Night Terrors II – Edited by Marc Ciccarone and Theresa Dillon. Blood Bound Books

“Honest Harry’s Budget Boneyard”  Murky Depths – Issue 18

“The Plague of Gentlemen” (Reprint)  Full Fathom Forty – Edited by David J. Howe. The British Fantasy Society

“The Narcslaag”  Necrotic Tissue – Issue 14

“Ternskull Point”  Dead Bait 2 – Edited by Gary Lucas. Severed Press

“Iron Maiden” (Novella)  Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories – Edited by David T. Wilbanks and Craig Clarke. Acid Grave Press

“Rudolph’s Treat”  Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction. Daily Flash Publications

“Beneath Blackhorn Pier”  Dead Lines – Issue 4

“Psi-Mage for Hire”  Bards and Sages Quarterly – Vol. 2, Issue 4

“The Stoner Bride”  Flesh & Bone: Rise of the Necromancers – Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts. Pill Hill Press

“Meltdown”  Necrotic Tissue – Issue 11

“The Moonshine Flame Grill”  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine – Issue 44

“The Brahmapur Buccaneer”  Skulls and Crossbones – Edited by Andi Marquette and R.J. Emanuelle. Mindancer Press

“Reverend Cheshire and the Brimstone Package”  Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry – Edited by Wendy Brewer. Darkhart Press

“The Bunker”  Necrotic Tissue – Issue 10

“The Plague of Gentlemen”  Dark Jesters: An Anthology of Humorous Horror – Edited by Nick Cato and L.L. Soares. Novello Publishers

“Phaedra’s Baby”  Horror Library II  – Edited by R J. Cavender and Vincent Vanallen. Cutting Block Press

“Even Hell Breeds Martyrs”  Damned Nation  – Edited by David Wilbanks and R. N. Lee. Hellbound Books

“The Sins of Mankind”  Horror Express – Issue 6

“Rage”  Thirteen Magazine – Vol 2, Issue 4

“Gehenna”  Black Petals – Issue 31

“The Crack Angel”  Gothic Fairytales for Melancholy Children – Issue 6: Liquid

“Snuff Club”  Wicked Hollow  – Issue 3

“Trap”  Blood Moon Rising  – Issue 16


“Snuff Club” Wicked Hollow #3

Artwork by Eric Yates

“Gehenna”  Black Petals #31

Artwork by George Silliman

“The Sins of Mankind”  Horror Express #6

Artwork by Philip R. Rogers


 “The Moonshine Flame Grill”  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #44

Artwork by Greg Hughes

“Honest Harry’s Budget Boneyard”  Murky Depths #18

Interior artwork by Huy Truong

“Honest Harry’s Budget Boneyard”  Murky Depths #18

Cover artwork by Martin Baines

“Scars”  Space and Time #120

Artwork by Thomas Nackid