Horror Reviews Index

Single author publications (A-Z by author)

David Agranoff – Boot Boys of the Fourth Reich
Camille Alexa – Push of the Sky

Stephen Bacon – Peel Back The Sky
Richard Farren Barber – The Power of Nothing
Richard Farren Barber – The Sleeping Dead
Jasper Bark – Stuck On You and Other Prime Cuts
Jasper Bark – Stuck On You
Jasper Bark – The Final Cut
Simon Bestwick – Pictures of the Dark
Simon Bestwick – Tide of Souls
Simon Bestwick – Angels of the Silences
Simon Bestwick – The Condemned
Simon Bestwick – Hell’s Ditch – Black Road Book 1
Simon Bestwick – Devil’s Highway – Black Road Book 2
Allyson Bird – Bull Running For Girls
Allyson Bird – Wine and Rank Poison
Michael Bray (& Matt Shaw) – Monster
John A Burkes – Bone Splintered Asphalt (The Game Book 2)
John A Burkes – Flesh Worn Stone

Ray Cluley – Water For Drowning
Ray Cluley – Probably Monsters
Laura Cooney (& LL Soares) – In Sickness

Felicity Dowker – Phantasy Moste Grotesk

August V. Fahren – Thursday Thistle
Paul Finch – One Monster Is Not Enough
Paul Finch – Enemies at the Door
Christopher Fowler – Hell Train
Gary Fry – Fearful Festivities

Christopher Golden – Alien: River of Pain
Terry Grimwood – Soul Masque

H.K. Hillman – Room Service, Bernie’s Bargain, A Little Knowledge
Barry J House – I Was Probed By Aliens And Lived To Tell The Tale!

Benedict J Jones – Slaughter Beach

Paul Kane – Creakers
Brian Keene – Dead Sea

Joel Lane – Do Not Pass Go
Tim Lebbon – Alien: Out of the Silence
Tim Lebbon – The Silence
Edward Lee – The Golem
D.F. Lewis – Weirdtongue: A Glistenberry Romance
Allison Littlewood – The Eyes of Water

Johnny Mains – Lest You Should Suffer Nightmares: A Biography of Herbert Van Thal
Gary McMahon – Different Skins
Gary McMahon – The Harm
Gary McMahon – Pretty Little Dead Things
Gary McMahon – The Bones of You
William Meikle – Samurai and other stories
Carlton Mellick III – The Cannibals of Candyland
Carlton Mellick III – Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland
Carlton Mellick III – Apeshit
Carlton Mellick III – Clusterfuck
James A. Moore – Alien: Sea of Sorrows
Mark Morris – Albion Fay
Bryon Morrigan – The Desert

Adam Nevill – No-one Gets Out Alive
Adam Nevill – Lost Girl

Weston Oches – Butterfly Winter
Weston Oches – Blood Ocean
Gene O’Neill – Taste of Tenderloin

John Llewellyn Probert – The Faculty of Terror and the Catacombs of Fear
John Llewellyn Probert – The 9 Deaths of Dr Valentine
John Llewellyn Probert – Differently There
John Llewellyn Probert – The Hammer of Dr Valentine
John Llewellyn Probert – Dead Shift

Rosanne Rabinowitz – Helen’s Story
Daniel I Russell – Roots
Daniel I Russell – Mother’s Boys

Matt Shaw (& Michael Bray) – Monster
Steven Shrewbury – Hawg
Angela Slatter – Home and Hearth
Bryan Smith – Depraved
Bryan Smith – Depraved 2
Bryan Smith – Slowly We Rot
LL Soares (& Laura Cooney) – In Sickness
Simon Spurrier – The Culled

Anna Taborska – For Those Who Dream Monsters
David Tallerman – The Way of the Leaves
John Travis – Mostly Monochrome Stories
Sara Jayne Townsend – Soul Screams

Tim Waggoner – Nekropolis
Tim Waggoner – Deep Like The River
Mark West – Conjure
Mark West – Drive
M.J. Wesolowski – The Black Land
Zoe E. Whitten – Zombie Punter
Zoe E. Whitten – The Life and Death of a Sex Doll

Magazines (A-Z by title)

Black Static #10
Black Static #47

Bust Down the Door and Eat All The Chickens #8
One Buck Horror #3

Anthologies (A-Z by title)

Aliens: Bug Hunt – edited by Jonathan Maberry
Anatomy of Death – edited by Mark West
The Sixth Black Book of Horror – edited by Charles Black
The Eleventh Black Book of Horror – edited by Charles Black
Darker Minds
Darkest Minds – edited by Ross Warren & Anthony Watson
Dark Highways – 5 Road Trips into Terror
Derby Scribes 2011
Demons & Devilry – edited by Stuart Young
End of the Line – edited by Johnathan Oliver
The First Book of Classical Horror Stories – Conductor: DF Lewis
Home Is Where The Heart Is – Edited by Gary Fry
Horror Without Victims – edited by DF Lewis
The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies – edited by DF Lewis
The Hyde Hotel – Proprietors: James Everington & Dan Howarth
Ill at Ease
Ill at Ease 2
Nemonymous #9 : Cern Zoo – edited by DF Lewis
Nemonymous #10 : Null Immortalis – Edited by DF Lewis
Psycho-Mania! – edited by Stephen Jones
Tales from the Smoking Room – edited by Benedict J Jones and VC Jones
We Fade To Grey – edited by Gary McMahon