Review – “Zombie Punter” by Zoe E. Whitten

This short novel hooked me from the off.A couple of friends who’ve long-discussed what they’d do in the event of a zombie apocalypse find their techniques put to the test when they awake in the middle of a new age of undead carnage. This tale has plenty of genre tropes that are pleasingly delivered, some great fights and interesting new ideas on zombie science.

The relationship of the two friends is convincing, developing with a few surprises, and the author tackles issue such as religion, revenge, sexuality and survival with a wise and experienced voice. Throw in plenty of grisly action and a sense of humour, and you’ve got a very entertaining way to spend an hour or so.

Zoe E Whitten

2 thoughts on “Review – “Zombie Punter” by Zoe E. Whitten

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