Your mother’s corpse won’t hear you cry…

As a fan of loud and unpopular music, I wrote some theatrical horror lyrics for punk-metallers FC Dog.

The lyrics to Zombie Night and Vampire Parliament were inspired by psychobilly music and bands such as the Misfits, and are both now regulars in FC Dog’s live set.

fc dog uk

Click on the link below to see the video of the song, in which I also played the lead zombie in the black hoody. I had a ghastly real ale hangover during the filming, but it was fun running around Sheffield city centre covered in corpse paint and fake blood, much to the fascination of the local goths.

Zombie Night on youtube

Run and hide, shriek and die! Zombie night is almost nigh.
Suffer Sheffield, don’t ask why. Your mother’s corpse won’t hear you cry…

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