Jeff Carlson – Plague Year

The latest in a string of apocalypse novels on my TBR pile.

plague year

A nanotechnology designed to cure cancer runs amok and wipes out most of the world’s population. As the nanos destruct at altitude, the survivors are scattered atop mountains and hope seems to lie with some scientists aboard the international space station in orbit.

An uninspiring cover hides a well-told tale that begins rather slowly, padding out the characters and background , and at one point I almost lost interest, but it gathers speed towards a taut and unputdownable finale.

It’s an interesting take on the end of the world and the way the survivors descend into greed, deception and fear is believable and chilling, carried by some fantastic action and haunting and original scenes of armageddon.

Fans of the genre will be glad they stuck with it.

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