Snippet of fiction news


Bete Noire 15My new flash story “Gene Puddle” is now available in the latest issue of Bête Noire Magazine.

A speculative piece, it concerns the subtle but sinister fate of graduates in a world where the state knows more about us than we do.

With its pleasingly creepy cover, issue 15 is available in print and e-book from the publisher, and also Amazon and the like.


New story releases


It’s been a bit quiet on the publications front of late, but this month sees a couple of new ones. First of all, my speculative flash piece “Zero” presents the dark side of a modelling agency in Plasma Frequency #11.

Secondly, Space and Time #120 contains my story “Scars” which features fallen angels, a whale and the devil getting beaten up by a girl. I first read an issue of that magazine about 20 years ago, so it’s splendid to finally be a contributing author. Cheers!

sf covers

Story News…


Just a new crime piece to mention, which is a first for me.

I was pleased to discover that “Thicker than Blood” will be appearing in the next issue of Criminal Class Review. Set in my home town of Sheffield, it concerns a young drug lord who sets the rest of his gang against each other in a vicious contest.

I’m stoked the folks at Criminal Class Press enjoyed this dark, skewed perspective of the city I love.

Hard, Heavy… and Free!


Until March 10th (this Saturday!), you can download the ebook “Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories” from Smashwords for nothing. Right here.

An anthology of horror and fantasy inspired by music, it has received several very positive reviews, and contains my novella “Iron Maiden” as well as stories by David T. Wilbanks, L.L. Soares, Randy Chandler, Kent Gowran and Steven L. Shrewsbury.


\m/ \m/

Now Boarding at Gate 53…


Sorry about the pun, but this publication does seem to inspire them.

But anyway, a while ago, I wrote the story “Welcome to New London, Population: 1”  as a bleak horror short.

It follows a curious astronaut into the depths of a dead planet, and I was never quite happy with the tone. I finally decided it needed a bit of SF adventure with the darkness, and a thorough rewrite ensued.

You can now read the result in issue 53 of Aussie stalwart Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

The Perfect Time for Night Terrors


It’s a chilly, dark friday the 13th, and a most appropriate day to release a horror anthology, which is exactly what the folks at Blood Bound Books have done. Night Terrors II is available as of now, and contains my story “The Wager” which is kind of a stab at nasty but wry Pan Book of Horror style of writing. It was fun, anyway. And also has a splendid cover.

It’s available here and soon from Amazon and the like. All things considered, I feel a lurid horror film beckoning. In fact, that cover kinda reminds me of Creepshow. Sorted.

Anthology Release


Today I received my contributor copies of The Best of Necrotic Tissue from Stygian Publications, featuring stories from all 14 issues of the sadly now defunct magazine. It’s available from Amazon in both print and Kindle versions, and also B&N and Smashwords.

It contains probably the most ghastly story I’ve written, The Narcslaag, a cybersex nightmare set in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. And against all moral and psychological recommendations, I was thinking of writing a second installment. If I can dare myself into it, that is :)

Another ASIM acceptance


My dark sf story “Welcome to New London, Population: 1” will be appearing in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Set on earth in the distant future, it features an intergalactic pilot who finds herself embarking on a subterranean and increasingly sinister adventure.

I had a story with ASIM last year, and I’m looking forward to being in the pages again. They’re a great team, and a pleasure to work with. And the stories ain’t bad either ;)