Dark Jesters Has Arrived

Today I received my contributor copy of Dark Jesters, an anthology of humorous horror.

10 authors, 10 tales, 1000 laughs and a couple of screams!

A slick little book, it’s edited by Nick Cato and LL Soares, and features an introduction by the latter. The table of contents is:

  • FOSSILIZED BRAAAINS by William A. Veselik
  • THE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN by Matthew Fryer
  • TONGS AND THE ROACH by David T. Wilbanks
  • WOLF PLUGS by Jerrod Balzer
  • HACKS by Sam Battrick
  • PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG by Robert Guffey
  • CURSE OF THE BLIND EEL by James Roy Daley
  • RETIREMENT by Rob Brooks
  • DEADNECK WOMAN by Mark Justice

Dark Jesters is published by Novello and available from Horror Mall here.

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