“Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry” Anthology Released

After various delays, this Darkhart Press anthology (Edited by Wendy Brewer) is available. It contains my story Reverend Cheshire and the Brimstone Package.tbfs

“Beauty can seduce you. Beauty can deceive you. Beauty can also be cruel, otherworldly and downright deadly. Explore the fearful symmetry of beauty’s dark side with the genre’s most-terrifying storytellers.”


  • Introduction – David Thomas Lord
  • The Rutting Time – James A. Moore
  • I Bought – Marcy Italiano
  • In Memoryum – John Everson
  • Valentines for the Dead – Corrine De Winter
  • When Lucy Falls – Scott T. Goudsward
  • Picture Perfect – Matthew Warner
  • Of the Flesh – J.L. Comeau
  • Part-by-Part – T. Rex Armes
  • Reverend Cheshire and the Brimstone Package – Matthew Fryer
  • Psyche’s Mark – Jeffrey Rice
  • Perversion and Channel 78 – Peter N. Dudar
  • Mosquito Story – A.M. Muffaz
  • Small Crimes – Charles Coylott
  • The Grass is Always Greener – Sephera Giron
  • Pumpkin – Ron Clinton
  • The Ossuary – Gregory L. Norris
  • Exile – April Grey
  • Pray – R.E. Gofstein
  • Be Mine – Jason Palmer
  • Written in the Stars – Dennis M. Cummins
  • When the Music Dies – David Simms
  • Mercy – Gord Rollo and Everette Bell
  • An Artist in Still Life – Weston Ochse
  • Skin Deep – Angeline Hawkes
  • The Fine Art of Self-Mutilation – Harrison Howe
  • Eleanore’s Leftovers – Wendy Brewer
  • Scripture Girl – Edward Lee

It’s great to be in such company!

The book is available from Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble

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