Something Fishy Going On…

My new story “Ternskull Point” will be apearing in Dead Bait 2, an anthology of aquatic horror to be published by Severed Press.

Set on the frozen coastline of Greenland, the tale follows a couple who live in an isolated lighthouse with a gruesome past, and are beset by a strangely aggressive colony of arctic walruses.

“Meg” author Steve Alten, as well as Ramsey Campbell and Guy N. Smith are also scheduled to appear in this anthology, so it’s great to rub shoulders with the writers who formed my love for the genre.

4 thoughts on “Something Fishy Going On…

  1. Congrats! I’ll be rubbing shoulders with you and said authors. Ramsey Campbell is one of my favourites, so it made my year! I made the first DB, and it was a quality publication. Can’t wait!

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