More love for “Living After Midnight”

Living After Midnight (which contains my novella “Iron Maiden”) received a glowing review from Kent Allard at Dead In The South and also Jim Mcleod at Ginger Nuts of Horror.LAMThere’s also a featured interview with stalwart editor David T Wilbanks here at the Indie Books Blog.

If you haven’t sampled this delightful e-tome yet, it’s available at Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon UK, Diesel, Barnes and Noble… whether you want pdf, Kindle, Nook… so you’ve no excuse but to rock your hard and heavy soul over there and bag one.

As a couple of folks have asked, these stories aren’t about the bands, or even necessarily about music (although you will meet a few fictional rockers, of course). They’re just dark tales inspired by the music that the authors love. So you’re more into country, techno, hip-hop or reggae? Matters not a jot. Just don’t expect too much sunshine…

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