We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!

A wee bit of self-pluggery, but the Severed Press anthology Dead Bait 2 containing my story “Ternskull Point” is now available.It also contains stories by Ramsey Campbell, Guy N. Smith, Steve Alten, Tim Curran, Cody Goodfellow, Murphy Edwards, James Robert Smith, Anthony Wedd, Paul Freeman, Raleigh Dougal, James Harris and Michael Hodges.

The blurb promises “horror tales of the deep including a haunted ice fishing trip, vicious mer-monkeys, sickening shark attacks, deranged walruses and many more terrors from beneath the surface.”

The deranged walruses might have been my fault. Hehe.

It’s available from Amazon and Amazon UK amongst other places, and the publisher’s site above.

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