Of Midnight and Murky Depths

Just a couple of writing-related things to report.First, a very positive review of Living After Midnight has gone up here at Hellnotes. Darkeva says “Metalheads rejoice! This is a fantastic anthology that will leave you wanting more.”

They also say rather lovely things about my novella “Iron Maiden” including: “If you think sirens are lame or overused, you definitely won’t after reading this story” and “The emotional connection that I felt to the characters was the one of the strongest I’ve had”.

Wow! Thanks, Darkeva.Secondly, a new short story of mine has been accepted by the wonderful and graphic-novelesque Murky Depths. “Honest Harry’s Budget Boneyard” is a wry, apocalyptic tale, and I’m very pleased it’s found a home there. I’ve been reading this magazine for years, and appearing within those shiny, lurid pages has long since been a goal. Please humour me politely while I make a fist and yell “Score!”

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